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We guarantee you the best Red Chili collected from organic farmers, dried and crushed in modern machine. In any of our process chemicals are not involved and keep the freshness and delivered the real flavor to your kitchen.
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Nowadays people are using red chilli powder in most of the food items. It is a common practice to use including in egg omelets. So comparing from the past it’s consumption is high. And duplicate or chemical mix powder are common in market.
Red chillies are always standout from the other spices. In the past our grandmas would sun dry new red chillies and after that crushed them to make the powdered shape which keep in a air tight vessel and use through out year.
Throughout the years, we’ve moved to purchasing bundled red stew powder for
Recently, instead of chilli, traders are using wood owder or husk are used to expand the heaviness of bundled flavors or you can discover fake colours that enhance the look and feel of the flavors.
Here is some test which you can easily find the original and duplicate from home itself.
The Water Test
Take one spoon of red chilli powder and mix with a glass of plain water. If it is altered, it will turn turn rosy dark colored. Unadulterated red chilli powder does not mix with the water and if you saw any kind of white substance on the bottom of the glass, it indicate the presence of soap stone.

Checking for Brick Powder
This is the most common adulterant for red chilli powder. It can identify from rub the powder at the base of the glass. You feel like stone kind of sensation.

To Test for Artificial Colors
Red chilli powder may mix with artificial color for getting more bright look. Just sprinkle the power over a glass of water, if you notice a colored streak then it will be adultered.

To Detect Starch
Starch is added to the bulk quantity of red chilli powder. To check the presence of starch, drop few drops of tincture Iodine or Iodine to powder. If there is any presence it will change into blue color.

Weight .250 g

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